Bold ideas, elegant execution, remarkable results. These are the principles upon which our company is founded and which guide our work. We are an Alaskan brand. Our professional careers and cumulative experience encompass more than six decades of work in the 49th state. Our strength is derived from one another and from knowing that one individual’s expertise is fortified by others – each offering unique insight, alternative ideas, and objective evaluation of our process and product. We value simplicity over complexity, clarity over obscurity, and performance over lavishness. We find the elegant solution is the product of active collaboration, and a dose of humility a catalyst for new ideas.

Our clients share our values and vision. They seek inventiveness, intellect, creativity, and craftsmanship. They desire economy in both solutions and service. They understand business is about relationships, relationships about people, and people about emotional connectivity.

Together with our clients we form lasting and meaningful connections, with ideas that parallel ambition, and solutions that are – like ourselves – rooted deeply in place. We live in the North. We design for the North. We draw inspiration from the traditions, ambition, perseverance, and people of the North.

NorthForm. Design driven, forward thinking, ambitious, Alaskan.