Paul Daugherty

Paul Daugherty, RA brings more than 35 years of project management and architectural design experience to NorthForm’s pool of collaborators. In his prior career with Livingston Slone, Inc., Paul became the firm’s most experienced Project Manager, leading complex design teams with elaborate permitting processes through design and construction. Outside the firm, Paul’s reputation for his management prowess put him in high demand with both public and non-profit sector clients. Paul successfully managed many of LSI’s large and technically complex facilities including the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, UAA Engineering & Industry Building, UAA Health Sciences Building, US Veterans Affairs Clinic and Administrative Office, and the JBER Troop Health Clinic, among others. His ability to lead large teams through long term, strategically complex projects while constantly maintaining a “big picture” perspective of schedule, budget, and process are his key strengths. Going forward, Paul will provide NorthForm with a key resource in managing large scale, fast moving projects that require high level management, skilled coordination and oversight.