Joe Abegg

Joe1-black-whiteJoe Abegg, RA, LEED AP is a registered architect with more than three decades of design and planning experience in Alaska. Joe is the creative and technical designer responsible for a significant number of Alaska’s flagship public and institutional projects around the state including the US Veterans Administration Clinic and Administrative Office in Anchorage, the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute at Lena Point in Juneau, the Blood Bank of Alaska, the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, and several of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s most iconic architectural landmarks, among other notable projects. His thumbprint on the UAA campus is immense; it includes the Health Sciences Building, the Engineering & Industry Building, and the Parrish Pedestrian Bridge linking these two buildings across Providence Drive, in addition to numerous other renovation and maintenance projects around campus. Joe was both the creative and technical design force for Livingston Slone for 30 years. He mentored and trained dozens of intern architects and designers during his career at LSI, including all of NorthForm’s founding members. Joe now serves as an advisor as well as hands-on resource providing design support, creative influence, and technical expertise on NorthForm projects.